The Box

Wholesome Snacking for Healthy Living

Nutritionists Recommends Six divided wholesome meals a day for every individual for maintaining proper nutritional balance of the body. This pattern helps a great deal in maintaining Ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) & also in Weight Loss.

Preparing & consuming 6 healthy meals per day becomes next to impossible due to our hectic lifestyle. To support you in this journey of healthy living through healthy eating, we bring to you extremely convenient snacking pattern through our NutriSnacksBox. Suggested eating pattern Below

  • Morning Breakfast
    Home made
  • Mid Morning Snacks
    NutriSnacksBox-Snacks 1
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Beverages
  • Afternoon Snacks
    NutriSnacksBox-Snacks 2
  • Dinner
The Box
NutrisnacksBox is a collection of Handpicked nutrilicious snacks delivered at your doorstep.
Portion size of each packet is curated scientifically to avoid over eating & to take care of hunger pangs throughout the day. Two single serving snacks per day are included in each plan that will tickle your taste-buds. Just put 2 snacks packs in your bags & forget hunger strikes.
  • Nutritious

    Balanced mix of
    healthy whole grains

  • No Hunger Pangs

    Take care of hunger
    pangs between meals

  • Wholesome

    Minimally processed

  • Right Size

    Portion controlled packs.
    No calorie overload

  • No Additivites

    No colors, no flavors &
    no preservatives

  • For Everyone

    School & College
    goers, professional &
    home makers.

How It Works

How it Works

Order your healthy and lips smacking NutrisnacksBox in just three simple steps

  • Select

    Select a box of your choice from
    Small, Medium or Customize
    Your Own Box

  • Buy

    Make online payment using
    suitable option for the
    selected box

  • Enjoy

    Box will be delivered at your
    doorsteps. Enjoy healthy


We bring you a NutrisnacksBox full of handpicked products which have right balance of health & nutrition.
Products are free from additives like colors, flavours & preservatives.
Recipes are made keeping a mix of healthy ingredients, processed minimally so as to maintain its wholesomeness.
New products gets added to the basket every month to enlighten your snacking experience with us.

  • Cookies

  • Trail Mixes

  • Healthy Chips

  • Roasted Strips

  • Nutri Bars

  • Munchies



About us

NutrisnacksBox was created with a sole purpose of providing extremely convenient wholesome snacking to every individual there by helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Divided small & frequent meals help individuals in achieving ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) & also to a great extent in weight loss.

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